Commercial Junk Removal

We provide junk removal and disposal service to property managers, realtors, real estate investors, HOA's, contractors, businesses, and municipalities. We can load and dispose of just about any items, such as: furniture, appliances, electronics, mattresses, pallets, packing materials, and more. 

Some of our best clients are commercial property managers who expect expedited, reliable service to keep their properties looking attractive to residents and potential customers. 

Our clean out services include estate, post eviction, tenant turnover, real estate investor, storage units and military PCS clean outs.

Whether its a few items or an entire house we can take care of it all in a timely manner with respect and  professionalism.

We called Fall line to pickup some trash and leftovers from home remodeling project. They were wonderful! Michael was easy to get ahold of and got out quickly to pick up. He was very thorough, double checked to make sure he got everything we needed him to, and left the area clean. Extremely professional and helpful! - Corrie

Our Take on Commercial Junk Removal

Perhaps you've had the misfortune of placing an old office desk or outdated furniture out for your usual garbage collection service? If that's the case, you've probably felt the annoyance that comes with finding out they won't take them. While some garbage management services will arrange for a special pick-up, this usually comes at a cost. If that's the case, and you only require it once or twice a year, it might be a viable option. If that isn't a possibility, or if you have huge commercial rubbish removal needs on a regular basis, you'll need to find another solution.

With any business there is going to be a need to get rid of old products and furniture. Over the years our team has realized that there are consistent junk removal needs for our commercial clients. You may find this list familiar and it is a good guide to help you think through the items you need to consider having picked up by our team. Most companies will call asking for the items below to be hauled away:

  • Old Office Furniture

  • Scrap Metal

  • Outdated Electronic Equipment

  • Broken Office Appliances

  • Tenant Furniture

As a wise business owner, you understand the need of weighing all financial decisions. The removal of old equipment is no exception. And you're well aware that moving undesirable equipment and trash will cost money. Despite the cost, outsourcing it to a local professional firm rather than hiring your own workers to accomplish it is typically significantly more cost-effective. There may even be city or county restrictions on what you may or cannot haul or dispose of depending on where your firm is located. With Fall Line Reliable Services you can rest easy knowing that we are following all local Georgia and South Carolina regulations and have the experience to know how to properly dispose of all materials. Whether you are a property manager looking for an apartment clean out or a large company that is moving offices, our team will make your junk removal far easier. Call us today to find out how much time and effort you will save.