Demolition Services

 Home or business demolition projects can be daunting for owners especially if you do not have the equipment and expertise to take on these projects.  We are able to tackle many interior and exterior light demolition projects and easily dispose of the debris.  


Fall Line can remove and dispose of many interior home and commercial remodeling materials such as carpet, tile, sheetrock, lumber, and cabinetry.


If you have an old fence, deck, shed, playset, or hot tub that needs to be dismantled before it can be disposed of, we can help with that too.

Since demolition projects vary in size and complexity and on-site evaluation is usually needed for an accurate quote. Give us a call or send us a message.

Michael was great at working with our schedule for 2+ tons of trash removal from a residence, at a very reasonable price and professionalism. I highly recommend him to others. - Cody

Responsible Demolition Services

Hiring Fall Line Reliable Services to do your minor demolition work is a wonderful way to cut out the middlemen and save money on your home improvement tasks. We're more than simply a junk removal service here at Fall Line Reliable Services. For any room in your house or office, we provide minor demolition and waste removal services. We've seen it all and know what it takes to conduct a responsible demolition. No matter what you require, our team of demolition and debris removal experts is here to assist you with your forthcoming home improvement project.

For home repair and building projects, Fall Line Reliable Services is pleased to offer light residential demolition and debris removal services. Count on our staff to provide professional-grade demolition services for all your home improvement needs, whether you need a comprehensive home cleanout or simply a few rooms cleaned. Our crew understands that it's sometimes more convenient to hire someone to clean up the mess you've made. We also see the value of paying someone to demolish an old shed or dismantle a kitchen. Stop injuring yourself and putting your friends' fingers in danger. Give us a call and we'll come out and demo any area of your property you require.

Shed Removal

We've all been there, staring into your back yard wondering what its going to take for you to tear down that old shed. You know that you never use it but there it is. Well stop wondering how you are going to take apart that old shed and haul it away. Call Fall Line Reliable Services and we will happily handle that shed tear down. We have the correct equipment and understanding of how to do the full process safely and efficiently. Over time, sheds can easily become cluttered and messy. What may have begun with a few lawn and garden tools can rapidly turn into a cluttered shed. We can assist you if you have a shed full of unwanted stuff or if you need a shed removed entirely. Shed sizes vary, and the larger the shed, the more work it will take to dismantle it. Fall Line Reliable Services  is a company that specializes in getting rid of junk. We  are capable of removing small to medium-sized sheds if they can be securely dismantled by two individuals without the use of any additional equipment.