Garbage Dump Service
A.k.a Junk Removal

You may be wondering what garbage dump service might be. Well it includes our hauling services along with any service that will require our team to take your items to the garbage dump. Need help moving something that isn't junk?  We can do that too.  While we aren't a moving service, if you just need to get a few pieces of furniture or an appliance from point A to point B and you don't have a truck, just give us a call and we will be happy to give you an estimate on your hauling needs. 

What Removal Services We Offer

We understand that most customers will not understand what we mean by garbage dump service. So we have provided a list to give you an understanding of which services we offer and why.

Appliance Removal

We've all had the experience of your refrigerator or dish washing machine breaking down when you least expect it. It's inconvenient to have an outdated dishwasher or a large, heavy washing machine that you can't get rid of. Our team will appear when you Google "appliance removal near me." That's because we're North Augusta's most dependable junk removal service. Call Fall Line if you need an appliance removed.

Construction Waste Removal

Fall Line Reliable Services has the expertise to remove construction trash and assist you in finishing your project. Whether it's a regular waste removal service or a one-time pick-up. We are the junk removal experts in North Augusta, SC. Our team will maintain open lines of communication with the construction crew to ensure that all pickups are completed on schedule and the project moves forward. Our purpose is to assist you in completing your building project more quickly and efficiently. To explore how we can help you cut your costs and enhance your revenues, contact our team now.

Electronic Waste Removal

Huge, hefty televisions and aging laptops build dust and take up room. In North Augusta, SC, call the cheapest junk removal service. Fall Line Reliable Services will collect and recycle your electronic garbage. Our costs are quite reasonable, and we are familiar with North Augusta, SC.

Furniture Removal

You're sick of staring at that old, filthy couch, but it's too heavy for you to move? Then contact Fall Line Reliable Services, and we'll take care of that annoyance. We've assisted in the cleaning of homes and the removal of unwanted items. We will not only show you how to correctly move furniture, but we will also assist you in saving your back. Customers have contacted us in the past after attempting to move a large furniture on their own. Allow our crew to arrive with the necessary equipment and spare you a trip to the doctor's office. We are North Augusta, SC's most dependable junk removal service. Please contact us right away!

General Junk Removal

Sometimes all you need is someone to assist you with a large project. When Spring arrives, many homeowners are eager to get rid of the clutter they've been living with all winter. We'll arrive with our trailer and equipment to get rid of your junk quickly. We are really efficient and will always arrive on time. North Augusta's top junk removal service is Fall Line Reliable Services. Many clients have placed their trust in our team.