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Junk Removal Aiken, SC

Residential Junk Removal

Our full-service junk removal professionals will quickly improve your quality of life while also simplifying and de-stressing the maintenance of your home. When you are not surrounded by clutter that consumes valuable space and impairs your capacity to think, life becomes easier. By utilizing our services in Aiken, SC, you will learn that the less trash you have, the simpler it is to succeed! Contact Fall Line Reliable Services immediately!

Commercial Junk Removal

Commercial property managers in Aiken, SC are among our most valued clients because they want timely, dependable service to keep their properties attractive to residents and potential customers.
Our clean out services include estate, post-eviction, tenant turnover, real estate investor, storage unit, and military PCS clean outs.
Whether it's a few items or a whole house, we can take care of it all quickly and professionally.

Estate Clean Out Service

Managing an estate in Aiken, South Carolina is not easy; managing all of the legal complications is difficult enough. We are delighted to assist with estate cleanouts; everyone has items they no longer need. We enjoy the chance to engage with estate agents tasked with the responsibility of disposing of residual property in an appropriate, timely, and effective manner. We make a point of giving our clients with prompt service, which means you will never have to wait long. We can do little assignments as well as hoarder and estate cleanouts.

Junk Removal Common Questions


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How much does it cost to get junk removed?

This is a frequently asked question by our Aiken, SC clientele. The simplest thing to do is contact our team and we can provide you with a price over the phone or during a visit to your house. If you choose not to call but would want a broad notion, the information below should be useful.

The first factor to consider is the volume of trash that has to be removed. Our crew typically charges by the truckload, and the majority of home improvements require only a part of a truckload to be filled. The average cost of residential junk removal is projected to be $180, however this amount is likely to range between $75 and $390 depending on the conditions.
Another factor to consider is the sort of waste. Computers and televisions, as well as more dangerous goods such as mercury, paint, and used motor oil, may be more expensive to dispose of. Additionally, big items such as beds and sofas may be more expensive to remove.

Receive free estimates from our junk removal experts to determine the cost of removing your unwanted goods.

What steps do you take to prepare for junk removal?

Frequently, people ask us what they should do to prepare for our services. Clients will experience stress, but our staff is prepared to take on any assignment, whether they are prepared or not. If you're feeling a bit anxious about junk removal, continue reading and we're convinced you'll feel more at ease when our staff comes.

To prepare for garbage removal, begin by compiling a list of all items that need to be discarded. Sort your possessions into categories such as those that are suitable for the junk removal company and those that may have some resale value or may be donated. While walking through your home, keep an eye out for issue spots such as closets, attics, and basements. Make a pile of items you wish to keep, give away, sell, or donate, and then contact Fall Line Reliable Services in Aiken, SC to arrange for their pickup.


How do you properly clear out a property following a death?

Nobody likes to deal with a family death. Oftentimes, the knowledge that you have been charged with the responsibility of clearing up a deceased relative's estate can be daunting. Regardless of how soon a loved one died or how long they were unwell, the mourning process is challenging. It is vital to allow yourself time to grieve and to refrain from overextending yourself at this period.

Cleaning a loved one's house can be stressful, and you may be unsure where to begin. To help you keep the items and memories that are most important to you, we've compiled this list of tips for clearing out your house.


  • Locate Critical Documents

  • Take a Tour and Acquaint Yourself with Everything

  • Establish a Timeline and a Success Strategy

  • As quickly as possible, organize and de clutter rooms.

  • Then contact our staff to arrange for the pickup of the items you wish to donate, recycle, or dump.

Fall Line Reliable Services has been in the garbage removal business for a long period of time, which is why we are regarded as Aiken, SC's top junk removal company. Give our staff a call; you'll be glad we assisted you in cleaning up your life.