Fall Line Reliable Services offers the most competitive prices for junk removal and light demolition in the CSRA. From a single item (minimum pickup) to a full load or more, we offer a budget friendly solution for just about any junk removal and demolition project.


Junk removal and disposal jobs are priced according to volume of material removed.  We are experienced in estimating load sizes of all types of common materials and can give you an accurate quote for the job before you decide to hire us.  Discounts are given for items that are piled curbside, in the driveway, or otherwise easily accessible to our trucks.  Additional charges may be added for items that are unusually heavy, bulky, or hard to access such as in attics, basements, or up multiple flights of stairs.  While we make considerable effort to recycle, reclaim, and donate many usable materials we typically do not discount jobs based on this.  Whether trash or treasure, it still must be loaded and hauled away.  


Demolition and tree/brush removal jobs vary widely and therefore are priced on a case by case basis based on the amount of material disposed of and the labor involved. 

In many cases junk removal, demolition, and brush removal jobs can be quoted based on pictures and/or a telephone conversation.  However, for the most accurate quote, especially on large jobs, we recommend a free on-site evaluation.  

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