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Meet the Owner

Meet the owner of Fall Line Reliable Services, Michael Juhan.

I started Fall Line in the summer of 2021 to bring professionalism, reliability, and value to the CSRA's junk removal and light demolition market. As a veteran of the US Air Force I believe in hard work, respect, and accountability. As odd as it may sound to some folks, I enjoy hard work, physical labor, and working with my hands. In addition to being an aircraft mechanic in my earlier days, I am also trained as a wildlife biologist and wildland fire fighter and served in those capacities for over a decade. I appreciate my years doing all of these jobs and use my experiences from them to run an efficient and professional small business. Junk removal, demolition, tree and brush removal, and dumpster rentals in the Augusta, North Augusta, and Aiken area is not rocket science. But it does take someone with professionalism, reliability, and courtesy to treat customers right and to navigate the rules and regulations at the half-dozen or so dumps in the area to ensure items are disposed of in the most efficient and environmentally responsible way. I'm in this business because I enjoy the challenges of demolition projects such as shed, fence, or hot tub removal and love the immediate improvement seen after a large junk removal project such as a estate cleanout or a real estate trash-out.

In my free time I enjoy hunting and fishing with my father and two kids and love to hike, bird watch, and go antiquing with my wife. I also enjoy wood working, sawmilling, and helping my wife in her furniture restoration business (Radiant Light Restorations).

From Evans and Martinez to Aiken and Beech Island I look forward to meeting new customers as well as seeing my repeats and seeing how I can add value to their day. I truly want to be a blessing to everyone I serve and I run my business based off of a Colossians 3:17 mindset. Call us today to discuss how we can help you with your junk removal, light demolition, or brush removal project.

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