• Michael Juhan

The Cost of Junk Removal

Not surprisingly, one of the most common questions we get asked is "How much do you charge?" That's a great question and not one easily answered in a sentence or two. Like many other things in life "It depends!" Most junk removal jobs are priced based on volume in cubic yards. Prices may be higher for items that unusually heavy or bulky, items that are difficult to access, or items that pose a higher risk for handlers. Believe it or not some people actually expect us to remove their junk for free or even pay them for it. These folks are very uninformed about how the junk removal business actually works. Some inevitably expect you to take their stuff free or at a very low cost due to the thinking that the stuff still has use or can be sold to cover our expenses. This is rarely the case as any potentially useable items will only command about 20-30% of the new value when sold as a used item. In addition only 20% or less of items discarded are in good enough condition to be sold, donated, reused, or otherwise repurposed. The other 80% is sure enough junk destined for the landfill. Another misconception about the business is what it takes to actually operate before any profit is expected. You have vehicle insurance, liability insurance, vehicle gas, tools, equipment, supplies, advertising and marketing, dump fees, permits and licensing, and the list goes on. Now granted we are talking about legitimate, licensed, insured, tax-paying businesses. There are certainly folks operating on the fringe without many of these expenses who can get away with charging much less for their services. But you as the customer are taking a risk when hiring someone like this just to save a few dollars. What happens if they damage something on your property while removing the junk? Is it fair for them to take cash and not pay taxes on it? Will they properly dispose of the the junk or drop it in the ditch down the nearest secluded backroad? These are just some of the few reasons why proper junk removal costs what it does and should be considered whey you are searching for a junk removal provider. In addition to being fully licensed, bonded, and insured we at Fall Line Reliable Services are also... reliable. This means you will get your money's worth when you hire us. We will be on time, communicate well, do a great job, and treat you with respect. You can count on us!

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