Debris Removal Service

We provide junk removal and disposal service throughout North Augusta and the greater Central Savannah River Area (CSRA). We can load and dispose of furniture, appliances, mattresses, pallets, and pretty much any household items. We can handle most any job, from single item pickups to whole-house clean outs. 

Home Junk Hauling & Removal

The most common service we provide is junk removal from residential homes in North Augusta.

Customers frequently contact us to have junk removed from their garage, attic, basement, storage shed, closet, or bedroom. We will pick up and dispose of your trash wherever it is located in your home.

How does Junk Removal Work?

This is probably the most common question our Fall Line team receives. Simply give us a call or send us a message online if you have unwanted or unused goods in your home.

Our team of garbage removal and recycling experts is knowledgeable, friendly, and professional, and will promptly and efficiently remove your trash from any location. You are not required to move it to the curb; simply leave it where it is! Is it true that all of your belongings are stored in the attic? It's no problem! We'll take it down for you and remove it from your property.

We will sort your trash once we remove it so that it can be directed to the most appropriate place, such as local recycling facilities or charities, or landfills.

What do you take?

Rubbish, trash, garbage, junk, clutter, refuse, debris...Whatever you choose to call it, we'll get it out of sight and out of mind for you.
We will remove most of your trash from your home as long as it isn't considered a hazardous, chemical, or biological waste, fits in our truck, and our crew can properly load it. Paint cans will only be accepted if the paint inside has dried. No liquids or highly flammable items will be accepted. Please contact us to learn whether your items can be disposed of or not. 

Construction Waste Removal

Each renovation has its own set of issues. During a remodel, the most typical challenge is deciding where to place your debris or trash. Homeowners frequently attempt to transport many truck loads to the dump. Rent one of our trailers instead of wasting your time and keeping the work on your property. Then, once the trailer is full, call for a pickup. Fall Line Reliable Services has the expertise to remove construction trash and assist you in finishing your project. Whether it's a regular rubbish removal service or a one-time pick-up. We are the junk removal experts in North Augusta, SC.

Furniture Removal

Picking up old furniture and mattresses is one of the most common calls we receive. Many consumers wish to get rid of their old furniture but don't have the means to do so. If you find yourself in this predicament, the greatest thing you can do is get professional help. Then contact Fall Line Reliable Services, and we'll take care of that irritant. We've assisted in the cleaning of homes and the removal of unwanted items. We are North Augusta, SC's most dependable junk removal service. Please contact us right away!

General Junk Removal

Every home in Aiken County probably has loads of junk that needs to be removed. Our full service junk removal team will quickly improve your quality of life while making your home easier to manage. Life is easier when you don't have clutter taking up your space and making it hard to think. Utilize our service and you will find that the less trash you have the easier it becomes to find success! Call Fall Line Reliable Services today!